Thursday, July 7, 2011

wedding & birthday & 4th of July

So I drove the kids back from Dallas on Wednesday, Daniel got home late that night, I worked my LAST days at Starbucks {!!!} and then Saturday morning we headed back to Dallas for the holiday weekend to be at Daniel's cousin, Brooke's wedding.
Me & my hot date :)
Rachel & Preston - cute.
 Sarah - or as Paisley says, "Sawah"
 Sisters.  Hanging out after the shindig.

Sunday we celebrated Daniel's dad's birthday.  He is turing 60 this weekend!!!  We all went to lunch at Pei Wei & then had cake & ice cream at the house.
Ryder & Grandpa!
 Grammy & Grandpa & the kiddos.
 Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!
That afternoon we took Ryder to see Cars 2.  It was his first movie and he was pretty impressed to say the least.  As we drove up to the movies at the Harbor.  I said, "Look, see that big building with the red writing over by the lake? That's where we're going!"  To which he replied, "Are you kidding me, Mom!?!"  He was so funny.  He also had his first taste of Dr. Pepper... Texas in a cup.  It was not on purpose, but I realized I'd forgotten his water and we'd given him a MASSIVE amount of popcorn.  He took one drink, looked up at me and said, "What is THIS called?!?"  When we were leaving we asked what he thought about that and he said, "That was a REALLY, REALLY tasty drink."  He got a little restless in the middle of the movie, but overall enjoyed it.  
And she, well, she enjoys a lot.  Here's one example!
We didn't really do anything to celebrate the 4th.  I got to meet my girls for coffee that morning- we laughed & talked for a couple hours.  
We drove back in the afternoon and tried to get settled in and didn't even see any fireworks since they were cancelled in our area due to the burn ban and drought.  Not that the kids would have made it through all that with the week they had!

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