Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sick. AND. Tired.

A lot has gone around here since that last post - literally!  Whew.  We've had a bit of a plague in the house.  It all started that night of the last post.  Ryder's first day of school was also his first night of another thing not so pleasant.  Since he'd never thrown up before it's mildly humorous now.  He kept saying, "Mommy, I choked!"  And while Daniel was in his room changing his sheets (one of the 4 times that night!!) he started crying and said, "My room is broken, again" [This referring to the leak in his room a few weeks back that STILL needs to be blogged about - he has a new room!]
So that started off the sickness.  We passed it ALL around and just couldn't seem to get over whatever IT was.  We'd think it was gone and something would happen again.  We thought we'd gotten through it all by labor day and then all of the sudden this week Paisley's temperature started spiking.  She was acting completely normal otherwise, but with a 103 fever!  So by Friday I took her in and they predicted it was Roseola, she was at the end of it and would likely break out in a rash... sure enough yesterday morning she woke up polka-dotted splotchy!  Hoping we've seen the end of that now too!
If anything this all forced us to rest last week- because we could do nothing but.  It also helped Ryder go in the potty more... he didn't want that in his pants!  And by his last round of throwing up he bolted out of his room and to the toilet like a champ!  I was so proud!  ;)
So here's to a healthy week!  Cause we've got lots to do to get ready for little sweet pea's BIRTHDAY!!!

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