Saturday, September 18, 2010


Paisley Rose is ONE year old today!
She is really a pint size bundle of joy.  Her cute little spunky personality is developing daily and she definitely lets us know with her super duper strong vocal cords when she does not agree!  :)  She is talking a bit, not too much - she can't get a word in with big brother blabbing all the time!  She's taking steps and standing on her on, but not completely walking on her own yet... almost!  She LOVES to eat.  All of the sudden she just decided she loved food and is now hungry all the time.  She has 9 teeth and still only weighs 15 pounds!!!    
Here are her birthday pics taken by my friend Melisa Urban:
We love you SO much sweet girl.  How did this first sweet year with you in our lives go by so fast?

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Todd and Kirsten Wines said...

Beth, I love those pictures -- she is such a girl and going to be just like her mommy!