Monday, August 23, 2010


Friday we had a fun little day out.  We did a bit of tax-free shopping at nordstrom rack (which I love more everytime I go!) and then we headed down to Central Market.  It was the annual Hatch chile time - love it.  So we got some hatch yummies, ate lunch & played on the playground.  Ryder always loves this playground - and this time Paisley did too!
 Paisley was having a blast and just decided she'd crawl up the slide herself...
What's funny about this is I didn't plan to take any pictures, but had my camera in my diaper bag, so I grabbed it and tried to take a few the best I could with both kids on the playground.  When I came home and loaded them I realized THIS.  That blog was from the exact same Friday last year.  :)  It was so cute to look at those pictures of Ryder on that same playground one year ago.  But this year he had a playmate with him.  ;)

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