Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This one goes to Eleven.

Paisley is 11 months old today!  One month from the big O-N-E!   I'll spare all the details of what she's up to till next month.  But I will say that she is talking more and standing in the middle of the floor unsupported as I speak... so the walking could be any day!  
Here she was yesterday so proud of herself standing at the window (about to dig into the plants)!
 And today!  11 month old sweet girl!
 She is finally sporting her size TWO nikes Aunt Sarah gave her!  Yep, she's been in a size one for 10 months!  She's got her momma's feet... one day we'll share! ;)

1 comment:

Amanda Bradley said...

should have known yall were Spinal Tap fans! She looks so grown up standing there.