Monday, March 8, 2010

oscar fashion!

Oscar night - my favorite Sunday night of the year. Except this year I had too much to do and not enough time to just sit and enjoy. I did turn on the red carpet coverage starting at 4pm (!) and watched along the way (while feeding, changing and chasing babies). We got some Rudinos sandwhiches and cleaned and worked while watching. I thought the show was overall a little boring, BUT the fashion was interesting and that's all I really care about anyway. My favorites... #1 Sandra Bullock. She won for her amazing movie & she looked stunningly classy. I do kind of wish her hair was pulled back so that we could see the full neckline, but I just love her in this Marchesa dress.

I equally LOVED this more interesting Ellie Sabb dress worn by Rachel McAdams.

And this picture does not do it justice, but SJP in this Chanel Haute Couture is amazing. The back was gorgeous.

And my worst picks... love her, hate this dress for the oscars. It's not the worst dress, but she looks like she going to a spring dance or dinner on a cruise or something... ugg.

And this was just odd & wrong.

And lastly, the most unique & interesting dress for me was this: worn by the winner for costume design, Sandy Powell. Never heard of her, couldn't find who the dress is by, but I thought it was just super cool, timeless & fashion forward at the same time.

In other news around here: we had a busy week. I feel like I just can't catch up. My day yesterday started at 3:30 am and ended at 11pm. BUT, Tuesday Kirsten is coming!!!! Yay! So excited to meet sweet Anders and for them to meet Paisley. It will be a fun week for sure.

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Amanda Vilendrer said...

Since I'm not going to get around to a blog of my own on this, I have to comment on yours. I watch the Oscars for the fashion too, and Rachel McAdams' dress was one of my all-time favorites. I disagree with SJP's dress though. Of all the dresses you can wear to the oscars, you pick one that looks like you're wearing a towell wrapped around you? I just don't get it. Oh, and what about Zoe Zaldana's purple monstrosity?