Thursday, March 18, 2010

More fun with friends...

The fun continued... Kirsten & I did some outlet shopping, cooked and just hung out. Saturday once Todd rejoined us we decided we'd have a little taste of Austin! ;) So we headed to Rudy's for some TX BBQ. Anders looked excited...

Kirsten was not so sure about the lack of "plates!"

Todd & Kirsten...

BBQ Sauce anyone?!?

Us and our boys!

"Real People Eat Meat" haha.

sweet girl, just watching all the excitement.


We did some shopping (the guys took the babies to REI while we went to Nordstrom Rack!) and then we hit up another Austin fave - Amy's ice cream on the way home. Todd & Ryder on the Bull:

Sunday we did church and then went to lunch at Z Tejas. It was a beautiful day.

We took them to the airport Monday night and Ryder cried his eyes out when we dropped them off!!! He woke up Tuesday morning asking for them and when I found him talking on his toy phone I said, "Who is it?" And he said, "Anders?" :) And well, Paisley is so sad to have had to say bye to her love...

We had such a great time with our friends who we love and miss SO much! Come back SOON.

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