Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4 generations!

Daniel & I are both so lucky to have all of our Grandmothers involved and active in our lives. They are all amazing Godly women who have all influenced us in so many areas of our lives. It's a blessing to see them with their Great-Grandchildren. Week before last (I'm playing catch up here) my mom came down during her spring break and brought my Grandmommie with her. They watched the babies and let me catch up on some work hours and then we got out and ran around a little too. I didn't take too many pictures, but we took these one night before we went out to have dinner near the lake. 4 generations of women here...
And this is THE best we could get with the ACTIVE little, Ryder in the picture, but it makes me smile anyway!
In other news of the past week or so:
Paisley has two little teeth that have popped through on the bottom!
Ryder's vocabulary seems to be still exploding by the day. He keeps us cracking up at things he sees and says. My favorite is that for some reason he doesn't say, "Rocky," but instead has re-named him, "Rodney!" haha. And he has a little bible story book that he refers to as his "Bible!" One day last week I asked him who was in his Bible (thinking he would say, "lions, rahhr" or something along those lines...) instead he said in the sweetest little voice, "God." "Yes," I said, "That is RIGHT." (We'll get into the theological answer that God is in his heart not his Bible later!!) So precious and again I am surprised, that he IS listening to us :) And lastly, this is day two of the PACIFIER stand-off and we're doing good. One full night and nap down with NO paci!

We have a VERY exciting week ahead and LOTS to look forward to!!!

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Casey & Lauren Coats said...

Casey & I both thought it was hilarious that he renamed the dog Rodney!! (at least I'm assuming it's your dog?). Anyway, we both laughed at that a good bit. :)