Sunday, July 26, 2009

A busy and fun past week!

Well, I'm a little behind on the blogging, but we've had a good & busy past couple weeks! Last Saturday Ryder and I headed home for the week. We went on Saturday morning just in time to be there for my Grandma's 80th Birthday party!
The Birthday Queen and Ryder

Grandma and her brothers & sisters

Her cake that I decorated

Happy 80th, Grandma! So glad we got to be there!!

Sunday afternoon we got to see Michelle & Hayden for a little bit, then we headed over to Chad & Morgan's so Ryder & Trapper could play! And did they ever!? :) Ryder & Trapper are 3 months apart and Trap's little brother is due the day before baby girl's due date! How cool is that?

busy in their own little world...

Chad and the boys!

It was about bedtime, but before we went we put them in their PJ's and let them wrestle and roll around in the floor and it was entertaining to say the least!

Mon, Tues and Wed we relaxed, spent time with the family, saw friends, etc... Wednesday night we went to Nana's house to have dinner and Ryder played hard with the cousins! Here's Nana with the great-grandkids.

Thursday morning I headed back... by myself! It was Ryder's first time to be away over night with out us - and he did it for 3 nights!!! I have to confess I was completely prepared, had everything planned for him and us and thought I was ok with it all and then I got in the car and broke down. But after that I was fine and Ryder of course had a great time with the grandparents. I was actually kinda scared he wouldn't want to come home today because it sounded like he'd had so much fun! Daniel & I had a nice few days together at home and did enjoy the much needed break, but were extremely happy to see our baby boy today!!!

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