Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Mimi & Poppy came to visit for the weekend! They came down Thursday so my dad could hang out with Ryder while my mom went with me to my sonogram- more on that (and pics of baby girl) in a following post!
Friday night we all went to have dinner at The Oasis.

On Saturday Daniel & my dad decided to do some "yard work"... real men celebrate their independence by tearing up brush & junk I guess! :) They even sustained a few injuries along the way. I'd have gotten a picture of them in action, but I was busy napping! :) But here's what they dug up!

We cooked out in the afternoon and Ryder enjoyed some watermelon... I mean, what's more American than hamburgers & watermelon?!?

Then we got ready to go see some fireworks!

Ryder's wondering what in the world we are doing setting up outside past his bedtime!?

This is the best family pic we could get - he was NOT in the mood to sit still for a picture at this point!

Almost time...

Watching the show...

We had a really good weekend. Happy Independence Day! I can't believe it's already July!!!

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