Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As I mentioned in the last blog, Ryder and I got to go to Nashville this past weekend! We had an amazing time!! We headed out Thursday. I was a nervous wreck Thursday morning running around trying to pack the incomparable amount of things that such a little person demands! Ahhh! Plus I was super nervous (for no reason) to fly with Ryder for the first time. He was such an angel. I didn't want to jinx it till we made it back home, but we had a layover in Dallas both ways, so 4 flights all together and he didn't as much as make a peep! He loved it all. The ladies in front of us on the last flight got up at the end and said, "Oh my, there was a baby behind us? We didn't even know he was there!" I said, "I'm GLAD you didn't know he was there!" :) Friends helped me get bags in both ways, but going through security was quite a feat. I'm not really sure how they expect you to hold your child while collapsing your stroller and lifting it and your belongings on to the security belt unassisted. Oh well, we made it.

We packed the trip full of running here & there. Kirsten & I dragged little Ryder all over creation and he was such a trooper! We did spend the nights at home relaxing and watching chick flicks while he slept! Here he is after we got there - happy to see his aunt Kiki :)

Friday we had lunch with Heather and her beautiful girls. Hadley has entered the world since we saw them last! Ellie is 2 and Hadley is 4 months.

Their daddies would love it if these two got hitch one day! :) Ryder was trying to hold her hand at one point and they look pretty happy together, huh?

Friday afternoon I got to see some of my sweet bible study ladies from Spring Hill. Our group went through captivating together a year and a half ago and they are still meeting- they are all amazing. Emily entertained Ryder & Riley...

Later Friday afternoon Kirsten & I shopped at the hill center and ran across these pumpkins in front of whole food and couldn't resist.

The $80 pumpkin... (I guess it was organic!) Glad the little chubbers didn't crack it! :)

Saturday morning we went downtown to cheer on some of Kirsten's friends running in a marathon - Ryder got to see the 'batman building.'

Saturday afternoon Ryder had pictures taken by my awesome friend Hollie. I have a seen a few and they are unbelievable! But I am saving it till we see them all... but get ready! We changed his clothes 4 times in the woods and he was great. She got some really, really great shots! Then Kirsten & I spent some time walking around downtown Franklin (one of my favorite areas) and ate some really unhealthy dinner at McCreary's! mmm.
Sunday morning we went to church in Spring Hill and got to see some of those great folks! Then met some old starbucks friends at lunch in coolsprings. Sarah & Ryan with Ryder -

And Ryder loved Sarah Willams of course...

Sunday afternoon we headed to Kara & Nathan's house. Sweet little Aiden was born in July, so our precious boys got to meet!

Me meeting Aiden - Ryder trying to figure out why I'm holding this other baby.

Baby swap...

the boys having a little chat...

So happy to see them.

Monday morning we went to meet Erin (who'd been out of town) at Bongo Java. Erin & I used to go there a lot during college. Ryder liked it too... THIS is how you make a beautiful latte, check out that leaf design in the foam.

LOVE these girls.

We were right across from where they were getting ready for the debate - go Belmont!! (now people here know where I went to school)! Then we headed over to Fruition where I stole Kirsten's appointment & Heather was so sweet to work me in and Erin was so sweet to hold little baby boy while I had my hair did! :) Erin & I spent the afternoon in Hillsboro village eating & shopping.
Rydie got a quick hug from uncle Toddy who was on the road most of the weekend...

And a last little picture before we headed to the airport...

We really had a PERFECT trip. Everything was wonderful and again, I felt so extremely blessed and loved. It was so great for everyone to meet & see this sweet little boy they've heard so much about. It made it hard to come home :( But Daniel was glad we did... and he was so happy to see his baby. As happy as I am to be in TX and closer to family and love the city of Austin, there's just something about Nashville...always will be I guess...

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Amanda Vilendrer said...

I HAVE to have one of those hats for Bradley! And I saw Blue Coast in the background of some of those pics. I'm going home in a few weeks so I'll make that a dining priority! I'm calling you today I promise!