Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Year, Another Month.

Yesterday I turned 27. Today Ryder is 2 Months.
As I was thinking where I was last year on my birthday I realized HOW much has changed in the past year! whew... Life is different this year- but good different. Last night as we headed out to dinner (Ryder in tow) I said, "Well, I think the times of glamorous Birthday dinners are over!" I was thinking of naming this blog, Another year, None the wiser because I was thinking how old I feel, and maybe I should be a little wiser now, but then I thought about how many brain cells it seems I've lost since having a baby. Example: yesterday as Ryder and I are trying to get ready to go I am
frantically searching the house for a pacifier while he is in his carrier screaming, finally I look down and realize one has been looped to my finger the whole time!
Ahhh well... It was a good birthday. Ryder was nice and slept in his carrier & let me get a pedicure, I got some jamba juice (my newest addiction) and Daniel took me to a nice dinner at Z Tejas and got me a much needed 1-hour massage (can't wait!). AND I got sweet calls from my friends & family and gifts & cards in the mail. As I looked at Ryder yesterday I thought, I couldn't ask for a better birthday gift!

Ryder goes to the Dr tomorrow & we'll find out how much he's grown! So maybe I'll make this a monthly thing... here he is at 2 months...

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