Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun Family Weekend

Over the weekend I had some unexpected time off work so we actually had some time together as a family!  Friday night we made pizza at home & watched Toy Story 3.  
 Pizza with sundried tomato sauce, chicken sausage and fresh basil... mmmm.
 Thumbs up.  We don't get that much for food these days!
 Telling sister night -night! :)

Saturday it was supposed to be sunny & 75 and we had a fun day planned and it was put a little off course due to rain!  We got breakfast and were headed down to Zilker park when it started drizzling so we took a quick detour to Cavendars (the cowboy store as Ryder says).  We'd been talking about going to get Ryder a hat since he's going to have a Cowboy Birthday party this year, so we went to look and he had a blast.  And got boots too.  :)
Trying his stuff on.  This is from my phone, but it was too cute!

The "Snake" boots.  He fell in love with these and would not take them off.  And lucky for us they were a steal of a deal!

One Happy Cowboy.
 We headed on down to Zilker hoping to ride the train, but it was not running due to the weather.  So we played...
 Then we went for a little jog on the trail around the lake.  
 Even in the dreary weather it was still beautiful & calming.  Austin really is such a cool city.  
 We had lunch at Cafe Express & went home for naps!  Saturday night we were treated to a volunteer appreciation dinner at church with dinner from Flemmings- nice!  It was great little family weekend.

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