Thursday, January 20, 2011


A couple weeks ago there were some buy one, get one free circus passes at the Y, so I picked one up and casually said, "Oh, we could go to the circus..."  Never say something you don't mean to an inquisitive, little 2 year old sponge.  They don't forget anything.  From then on Ryder was telling people he was going to the circus.  So Sunday night we went to the circus.  The kids really loved it and even Paisley watched and squealed and clapped.
Snack time!  
Loved the popcorn... hugging it!
The funniest thing was him looking at all the stuff they were selling.  Daniel went and got the popcorn and cotton candy and then Ryder said he wanted a drink.  To which I said, "No we brought your sippy cup, you're good," to which he replied, "No, no.  I need one of those tasty drinks. (pointing) Up there in the corner!"  We died laughing. 
It was bed time, but she made it with some snuggling with Daddy...
They loved the elephants, the clowns and the dogs that did tricks.  And Ryder loved the motorcyclist!

He had a blast.  So glad we go to go.

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