Thursday, October 21, 2010

Party Animals!

Over the weekend the kiddos went to spend the weekend with the g-parents!  It was Paisley's FIRST night away!  (She did perfect by the way!)  I met Grammy & Grandpa in Temple Friday to drop them and off they went!  Daniel & I had a nice night out Friday night and some much needed rest and time together on Saturday.  Sunday afternoon we met up in Waco after church and picked them up and drove straight back to make it to a super cute birthday party!  Our friends, Ashley & Nathan's little girl, Ellie turned 3 and had an animal party complete with a petting zoo!  Ashley took these pics and I just had to share some.  
Ryder & Daddy checking it all out.  At one point Ryder was petting the calf behind him and he squealed and the thing JUMPED over the cage!  
feeding the goats!
 We looked over and Ryder was holding this bunny!
Ok, let's make sure and not squeeze too hard...
 Paisley LOVED the animals!  New hair (also courtesy of Ashley!) :)
 Ellie (the b-day girl!), Ryder & Gracie throwing rocks!  These three look like they could be triplets!
Really fun, what a great idea!

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Todd and Kirsten Wines said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE the picture of Ryder squeezing that bunny! That is the cutest ever!