Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kristin's Shower!

This weekend I helped host a baby shower for my sweet friend Kristin.  I must pause here and say what a blessing Kristin has been in my life!  When we moved to Austin I prayed to find a wonderful dear friend like her and God MORE than answered my prayers in Kristin.  I love her so much and am beyond excited to meet her & Phillip's sweet little baby girl, Elle, due in December.  
Guest of Honor (& baby!)
The yummy table.  I hate that this picture is so dark.  That's a huge antique table cloth of Carrie's that is at least 100 yrs old!
Pinwheels!  And the awesome layered salad, made by Megan - ala The Pioneer Woman.
Cupcakes!!  I did a lemon cupcake with a raspberry filling.  (And another round of toppers!)

Time to EAT!
Kristin & her mother
Present time!
Hook Em!
So excited to see her as a new Momma!  Yay!!!
Was a really good shower.  I took a lot of pictures of the 'stuff' because I'm actually thinking of selling the party stuff I've been making (cupcake toppers, banners, pinwheels, tags, poms).  Thinking of selling on Etsy.  We'll see where it goes from here- but if you know of someone interested I'll do custom orders or sets!  
So the kids were in Dallas (again!) for the weekend, which was very helpful in preparing for the shower and relaxing afterwards.  Daniel and I even had another date night!  (2 weeks in a row!)  They had a blast and came back nice & tired.  We love our family and are so blessed to have the help!


Cara Linn said...

My fiance and I have seriously been talking about using pinwheels for random decorations at our wedding. Want to make them?

-Beth- said...

Cara - I'd love to!!!
Email me (beth.allen725@gmail.com)