Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wondering on the first day of Spring

Today is the first day of SPRING! Although you would never know based on recent weather. It was a record high of 90 degrees last week one day, then it dropped and almost snowed, then the rain came through and drenched things. But today I guess the beautiful 60 degrees is right in line with the coming of SPRING. I might just have to get out of the house and enjoy it before I loose my mind on the couch! :) At least from the couch I can look at our beautiful back yard and this gorgeous tree by the window... (I have had nothing to do with the beautification of this yard... but hope to in the future).
Monday I went back to the doctor and they said my blood pressure was down a little and I don't have to be in bed. I do need to take it easy and keep my feet up a good amount of the time to keep it down and keep the swelling down, but I don't have to be IN bed, which is a relief. I know bed rest sounds fun in theory, but after a couple movies, a few hours on the computer & getting completely caught up on celebrity gossip & CNN I'm about done with that! (I know those 2 things don't go together but I actually like watching CNN for some reason these days and enjoy following all the political happenings, maybe a blog on all that is coming soon.)
My mom came down for a couple days this week. She brought the rest of the nursery stuff she made which looks AMAZING- (can't wait to post pics!), and she brought groceries and cooked a bunch of meals to stock my freezer with and then Tuesday we spent the day running some errands. We did the normal stops these days... Target, Babies R Us, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and then we had lunch, coffee & pedicures! Good day, much needed.
This week seems nothing like Easter to me. I don't know what it normally feels like since Easter is so crazy from year to year- from going home, to having company, to being at church for 40 hours in a week it seems like it varies, but something about this year feels odd. I'm not doing all the church music stuff this year because I just can't handle it right now, so that's kinda sad, but Daniel will be there doing sound all weekend, so I better find a craft or a friend, huh? :)
I've been doing a lot of "wondering" these days. I wake up wondering what life will be like this time next year or even this time next month! I wonder if I'll have a smooth labor, I worry about all the possibilities, but then today I just woke up wondering what he'll look like??? Will he just look like a "baby" when he's born. I've told the family if he's a crazy looking baby they don't have to lie and say he's precious... let's be honest, some babies are NOT cute! :) But beyond a baby... will he be short like me, will his daddy even that out? Will he have big ears like daniel did when he was little!?! ha! :) Will he have the suspected blue eyes that we do, or will he randomly have green or brown eyes? These are the things I'm wondering today...

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