Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dallas Baby Shower!

This past weekend I headed home again for the baby shower there! I got in Friday afternoon and got my nails done with my mom and then had some dinner & shopping & coffee time with the girls.

The shower was Saturday and it was wonderful! There were so many friends & family there and we got SO much adorable stuff and the much needed stuff too!

The cake! SO cute...

Me & my mommie :)

The Hostesses... Aunt Debbie, Rachel, Michelle, me, Katey, Aunt Betsy

Me & ALL my pregnant glory! ha! Getting ready to attack the mound of presents!

The girls managing the presents and hurrying me along! :) And Michelle my present sidekick!

The LOOT! (And this is minus the big gifts! - Swing, strollers, carseat, pack n play!)

Me & the girls

The grand-mommas-to-be...
(they can't decide what that wanna be called yet!)

The Great-grand-mommas-to-be

The auntie-to-be

(We're pretending the other auntie, Rachel is there too!)

Everything was amazing! Thanks ladies! :)

Saturday night I had dinner with my parents and show & tell for my Dad with all the goodies. Sunday I went to church with them and was coaxed into singing at the last minute. I told my Daddy he owed me big time - not so much for the singing at the last minute (I'm used to that!) but for making me put my now very ILL-FITTING boots on again. (I was thinking I'd just slip in the back in my flip-flops and go unnoticed!) Sunday afternoon I headed back to Austin and had show & tell for Daniel... and much of the stuff is still sitting here in the middle of the living room floor actually! But I have had fun washing all the little tiny clothes and putting everything away and organizing! It all seems a lot more REAL now!

And over the weekend the first baby in the 2008 line-up made his appearance a little early: Tyler Nolan Burnett was born early Saturday morning!!! Although he's had a rough little start he's doing well now and it looks as though he may get to go home with mommy & daddy tomorrow... keep him in your prayers!

Lastly, I have to mention we DID watch the Oscars Sunday night and even had a little camp-out in the floor with some finger-foods and I know I've oscar-blogged for the past few years, BUT this year I have failed you all!!! BUT... in short I thought they were overall boring (yes, even the fashion) and not very blog-worthy :(

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Amanda Bradley Vilendrer said...

what a cute cake! You definitely racked up at that shower! Let's catch up this weekend- and boo on you for not blogging about the oscar fashions- as if you have bigger and more important things on your mind??