Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebrate Life

Some people see no joy in what I do.  Like the lady in Hobby Lobby yesterday day.  While buying 20 yards of pink tulle, she asked what I was doing with it.  When I said making a canapé for a fairy party she laughed.  I said I do parties, and she said that didn’t sound ‘one bit fun’ to her.  Her words.  I laughed and said, well I love it.  And I do.  And the fact that other people like what I do and ask me (and pay me) to do it for them thrills me but makes me constantly compare myself in an unhealthy way and question when it will end.  And I'm scared to even say it out loud at the risk of sounding ungrateful,  but the past few weeks I’ve been overwhelmed to say the least.  

Daniel laughed and said “Well, I’ve been praying for God to bless your business,” and I (jokingly) said, “Well you can stop now.”  Have you ever asked God over and over for something and then once He gives it to you you have no idea what to do with it?  Well, I have ideas, lots – that’s the problem- too many ideas.  In the middle of my chaos today I’ve ignored my kids (they’ve watched entirely too much TV) and let the house go to shambles and I’m literally buried in tissue poms, circus animals, fairies & Easter eggs.  But as I had a little hormonal, panicky, meltdown moment I said, “God do you really think what I’m doing is absolutely ridiculous?”  I can’t help but sometimes think there are starving children all over the world and people spend crazy amounts of money on parties.  
For what?  

Well, today while I was praying about it God made it clear… to celebrate LIFE.  That’s kind of my little unofficial Perfectly Paisley slogan: “Helping you celebrate the ones you love.”  And what does God celebrate better than life?  The 2 main Christian holidays are centered around life.  Born into human life and risen into eternal life.  God loves to celebrate life.  

So as I was feeling overwhelmed, unqualified and tiny small in the grand scheme of things He some how wrapped his arms around me and said, “I love what you do.  Every amount of creative whimsy in your bones comes straight from the heart of God.  I am nothing if not CREATIVE.  I have come that you might have LIFE and have it more ABUNDANTLY.” 

Ahh.  Sweet release.  On to make more fairies and pray that I make it through the next week. J  Ask God… but beware, He might answer you.

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Carrie Stephens said...

I love what you do too! What would the world be without beauty? What else demonstrates the Creator God's greatness more than beautiful design? You are a gift to so many of us, and I am glad God is blessing your business so you can keep on making the celebrations we all have more meaningful and more beautiful. Love you!