Friday, June 17, 2011


{Hello.  My poor lonely blog & long lost readers, I have abandoned you.  I am so sorry, please forgive me?  I promise to not let this happen again... soon anyway.  There's just been LOTS going on.  So many updates to come.} 
The weeks leading up to 30 I would literally feel myself panic if I stopped and thought about it for more than 30 seconds.  Something about THIRTY that just seems weird, foreign... old to me.  All of my thirties friends said they'd had the thought, "Can I REALLY be turing THIRTY?!!?"  I just kept having this feeling of, man, everything happened in my 20's and they're over.  Oh well, own it, right?!?  So instead of bumming about it we celebrated all weekend.  The kids went to be with the grandparents which was funny because we'd talked a while back about who's birthday was next.  When I said it was mine Ryder asked what type (theme) birthday I'd chosen and how old was I going to be (he guessed 7).  So then every day he would ask, "Mommy, is today your Birthday?"  One day (a long trying day I might add) I replied, "Nope, you won't be here on my Birthday!"  haha. ;)  Anyway, it was a nice little break.  The kids had a blast of course and I got some time to myself and with Daniel.  I got pampered, shopped (in peace), ate (in peace) and slept (in peace).
Friday night we had dinner with some friends at NoRTH in the Domain.  It was great.  Daniel didn't put the battery back in the camera :(  So all I have is iphone pics.  boo.
Melisa, Me & Chris
Saturday morning we headed out on a little trip.  The beauty of it was in the leisure.  We had no set plans and we just went where we wanted at the pace we wanted and just enjoyed our time together.  Daniel and I had not been away over night since before Ryder was born!  I know, that's crazy, for us anyway.  We've had a few weekends with the kids gone, but never gone anywhere.  
So we headed out to Fredericksburg for the day and then to spend the night in San Antonio.  We ate breakfast, enjoyed the beautiful drive, I read a book (which I rarely do anymore) and we stopped along the way at a few places including some of the vineyards and wildflower places.  
Me & my love.
Texas nature ;)
 We ate and shopped in Fredericksburg.  I found a paper store that I absolutely fell in LOVE with. Daniel was so sweet to just sit and let me look (and drool) over everything in the store for an hour.  Then we headed south to San Antonio.  We stayed at a nice marriot on the riverwalk.  When we got there to check in they told us there were only double beds left to which I got a little ticked and said, no that's not what we booked or paid for... blah, blah blah, so the guy said, well, I can give you our hospitality sweet and you can see if it's ok... it was ok.  ;)
We went to dinner at a cool modern mexican place we'd been before {Acenar} and had a delicious dinner.  I failed and took no pictures of the food, but I did have oyster tacos.  
And we had Tres Leches.  
 We had a leisurely (the theme!) Sunday morning and went over to this place called Lulu's that's known for their 3 POUND cinnamon roll.  It was on the show Man VS Food.  We thought you could probably get a piece or smaller one, but no.  You can just get the gianormous one.  So we did.  And it was disgustingly large.   But only $7.
 Don't worry, together we ate less than a third of it.  Then we headed out and hit the outlet malls in San Marcos on our way back.  Daniel treated me to some fun birthday presents there!! 
It was a really great weekend.  I felt super loved by all of my sweet family & friends in gifts and extra kind words.  
I guess 30's not that bad after all.

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