Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Child like faith... with a bandaid.

The other night I laid in the bed with Ryder while putting him down, which is actually usually daddy's job, but I was home that night and Ryder had asked for me. So I laid there and we sang several song- abc'c, speckled frogs, a random number song he made up (sure to be a hit), and then Jesus Loves Me. He got quiet (which is rare) and at the end he said, "Mommy, is Jesus in my heart?"  I was kinda surprised and said, "Well, yes! If you want him to be, you just ask!"  He was still listening so I said, "You just say, 'Jesus will you come be in my heart? And stay forever with me?'"  And as quick and simple as can be he said, "Yep, and He will!  That's what you do!"  And then he gave me the sweetest 3yr old analogy I've heard...  He said, "And THEN He puts a bandaid over it!"  And he smiled really big.

I also smiled really big as I left his room that night and I prayed, "God please help me believe and trust with a 'Yep!' response.  And please give us all one of those bandaids on our hearts for the wounds of life."

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Carrie Stephens said...

I just love that. Bandaids for everyone!