Friday, February 27, 2009

too much fun.

Here's the little stinker passed out in his pack-n-play buried in a sea of toys and animals yesterday! Daddy pulled out the pack-n-play this week after days of the frustration of chasing the little dude everywhere and cleaning up everything he's pulled apart along the way. He's in a very curious and FAST moving state these days!!
On another note we've gone almost a year without blood shed (aside from the botched nail clippings I inflicted). Then yesterday morning Ryder was standing in the bathroom with me, holding on to only the curtain (he forgets he can't walk yet) and suddenly he fell, barely bumping his head on the wall. But he BURST into screams and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. He reached for me and just laid on my shoulder and cried. So I'm thinking oh great, he broke his leg or something!?! And then I look down and his little lip is bleeding and he's just staring at me with this sad little face! I guess his sharp new little teeth bit through his lip! Ah.. we'll much more to come, we almost made it a year with out blood!

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